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First Session Expectations

What to Expect

Every worthy journey begins with the first step. To help you prepare for taking your first step towards healing, we have provided a list of what to expect in therapy at The Center for Wellness LLC. This will make the process much more concise and light-hearted.
We recognize that the thought of therapy can come with some reservations whether you are seeking it for yourself, a child, your family, or coming for couples work. Our goal is to make this process as seamless and pleasant as possible.
  1. CONTACT US: To begin, please contact us via phone or email us directly from our website. At this time, you will receive a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to discuss details regarding the intention of seeking therapy. If appropriate an intake assessment will be scheduled
  2. CONFIRM: If you plan to use your insurance benefits, be sure to contact your insurance provider to ensure you have Out of Network Benefits.
  3. COMPLETE PAPERWORK: Once an intake assessment has been scheduled, clients will receive access to the client portal. Registration and initial paperwork are expected to be completed 24 hours prior to the initial appointment/intake.
  4. PAYMENT: The credit card on file will be charged prior to scheduled appointments. 
  5. INITIAL APPOINTMENT:Your initial appointment will commence with an intake assessment. This will consist of an hour reserved for asking questions about yourself and more specific reasons for seeking therapeutic services. This is an essential step because it enables us to gain some insight about your ambitions and goals in treatment. Your current situation and medical history will be reviewed by your clinician.Confidentiality, insurance, and payment policies will also be discussed. Come prepared with some information about what you would like your therapist to know about you in order to best understand your needs and concerns. At the conclusion of the intake, the follow-up appointment will be scheduled.
  6. ATTEND FOLLOW UP APPOINTMENTS: You're on the road to achieving your goals. FANTASTIC WORK!
  7. BE WELL: Attend wellness programs hosted by The Center for Wellness to complement your treatment in session.


  • Therapy appointments are most often scheduled for weekly or bi-weekly sessions. However, a discussion with your therapist will determine the recommended time commitment based on the need.
  • Therapy involves teamwork. You are the expert on your life, and our clinicians bring our expertise on human behavior and effective, evidence-based strategies to address life’s challenges. Therapy requires consistency and hard work.
  • In order to reach the desired goals, several things are requested of you, including openness, preparation, consistent attendance, and transparency. Be sure to discuss any questions or concerns as they arise knowing that your therapist is a passenger/guide on YOUR journey. Small homework assignments may be given at times in correspondence with session topics.
  • Finally, once you and your therapist decide, your sessions may be reduced with the ultimate goal of healthy termination.
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