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Community Services

Biopsychosocial Assessment (BPS) 

This is an assessment completed by one of our licensed therapists to assess for biological, psychological and social factors that may be contributing to the challenges of the youth or family. This assessment helps to determine the needs and best resources and services to address those needs. 

Intensive In-Community (IIC)

Our licensed therapists provide therapeutic services to your youth in the comfort of your home or another location in the community that works for the family needs. 

The above services are available by first contacting NJ PerformCare. It is the entry point for youth (up to age 21) who need behavioral and/or mental health care services through the NJ Children's System of Care. To learn more about the state-wide programs and services available through PerformCare, please watch this video.


Call PerformCare at  877-652-7624 and request follow up with Wellness Meets World after the initial intake call.

Behavioral Assistance (BA)

These services are provided by our trained staff to help youth and their families develop and practice healthy coping strategies to imporve functioning in the home and community.

Educational Services

Wellness Meets World prides itself on the integration of all aspects of total wellness. This service identifies specific holistic-inspired activities and educational services that cater to the needs of the mind, body, spirit and soul. These offerings currently include yoga and meditation. Some of these services are offered via workshops and online webinars. Contact the office for more information.

Consultations/Trainings Services

Consultation services are tailored to meet the needs of your clinical or program goals. Attention to detail, engagement  and superior expertise are just a few things you can expect. Services can be provided for a single event or on an on-going basis. 


Additional Resources

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