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Everything You Need to Know

Frequently Asked Questions 

Seeking mental health services from Wellness Meets World LLC is easy, but there is some information we want you to know for smoother, faster communications. Check out the answers to our clients’ FAQs, and contact us if you have further inquiries.

Q: Am I weak for seeking therapy? 

A: Seeking therapy is far from weak. The therapeutic process is highly rewarding and often requires introspection and self-reflection that pulls from your inner strength. Taking the time to better cater to your needs will be the best investment you ever make. 

Q: What is the difference between seeking psychological help and talking with a friend? 

A: Mental health professionals will facilitate the opportunity for growth and self-development to occur while challenging and empowering your innate abilities and fostering new learned skills. Friends provide support and give advice. Each has their necessary and distinct role in your life.

Q: I take medication. Do I need therapy? 

A: Both taking medication and engaging in therapy are choices that are made after consulting with the appropriate professionals. If after consulting with a physician and medication is recommended, therapy can be a useful addition to treatment. Studies indicate that the combination of medication and therapy often produces the most effective results.

Q: Will my family/friends or employer know I'm in therapy?

A: Wellness Meets World takes confidentiality and your right to privacy very seriously. No one is privileged to your health information without your consent.

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